Augie March put their unique slant on using voice in song lyrics

I’ve never come across such a perfect use of “voice” in music lyrics as on Augie March’s latest album Watch me disappear. I find it especially inspiring for my own writing. I can’t get the voice from track seven, The Slant, out of my head. Musically the song has a light and airy sound but the story is deep and dark. It is sung from the point of view of an early Australian convict on the Island of Tasmania. In his last moments of life, “strung up” and ”A’resting in the rope” he reflects on his life and the purpose and future of ours and his new country’s.

The song ends:

But did they pave the streets of Hobart town?

Lop the old wood forests down?

For the press of King and Crown.

For Honey…? Milk and honey…?

M y a r s e.

It works on so many levels for me and the ending voice still haunts me. It is so angry, disappointed, and resolved to its fate…yet still defiant—offering a final verbal moon at the world.
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